Cowboy Songs: Brandy Finished in High West Rye Whiskey Barrels
  • Proof: 128

Cowboy Songs: Brandy Finished in High West Rye Whiskey Barrels

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115 PROOF | 57.5% Alc. By Vol. | 750ml

Copper Pot-Distilled Non-Chill Filtered No Added Boisé (Oak Flavor Or Infusion) No Added Caramel Color The narrative of the old West, and cowboys never loses its charm, or its version of authentic Americana.

Making American spirits calls forth this romantic ideal, this essential evocation of being free, free to roam, free to dream and a stripped authentic essence of friendship is what Cowboy Songs is about. It’s about friendship and sidekicks, of being back in the saddle breathing clean air, looking up at big skies, where the stars go blue and the blue moon is framed high and clear.

Copper & Kings and High West are natural partners, you can’t fence us in, and the throw caution to the wind spirit of Butch & Sundance is in every bottle. We are not outlaws, but we sure don’t like to follow the rules.

This bottle is friendship and camaraderie distilled. We ride together, natural sidekicks. And this spirit is the liquid embodiment of the natural gait of a beautiful horse galloping for fun. It is the sound of a beautiful cowboy song, sung with heart around the campfire, sung for enjoyment, with friends. And everyone asks for one more song.

Superb, exclusively Copper pot-distilled American Brandy finished in world class High West American Rye Whiskey barrels.

Big sky spirit – classic dark fruit on the nose, comes alive on the palate. Rich, spicy, lightly saline and dry. Savory with polished whiskey tonality. Opens up with English toffee, cinnamon. Velvet finish.

Some natural sediment or suspension may be apparent, particularly at colder temperatures.

Grab a friend. Round up someone you love. Sit outside, preferably around a fire, or sit inside, be together. Enjoy neat, or on the rocks, or any way that you want.



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  • Proof: 128

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