Mistelle - Luxury Dessert Wine - Distillery Exclusive

Mistelle - Luxury Dessert Wine - Distillery Exclusive

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For centuries brandy producers have taken un-fermented or lightly fermented grape juice, or must, and fortified it with young eau de vie and then aged the fortified wine in oak barrels. The name “Mistelle” derived from the Latin, “mixtus”, reflects this blending or mixing.

Copper & Kings’ Mistelle takes California Zinfandel grape juice and blends it with copper pot-distilled Zinfandel eau de vie, which is then aged for a minimum of 12 months in French oak barrels that previously held superior  Zinfandel red wine. The fortified wine is sulfite-free, un-fined, with no added sugar or coloring and is 17% ABV. 

“Making an American interpretation of this ancient and sophisticated process is a labor of love for us.” says Copper & Kings founder Joe Heron. “It deepens our roots within the culture of very fine brandy tradition.”

“Our ambition has been to take this convention and give it the boldness and creativity that Copper & Kings is known for, to try not to do something completely derivative but to stamp our own personality and character on the liquid. We chose one of California’s quintessential red wine grape varietals, Zinfandel, as our base.”

“We felt that the richness and deep fruit nuance of the Zinfandel was the most expressive of grapes to reflect our vision of an American Mistelle. California Zin has that swagger, the rich dark grapey character that gives us our own unique flavor and bouquet” said Copper & Kings Master Distiller Brandon O’Daniel. “We have a nice singular Zin line running through the must, the eau de vie and the red wine barrels, and I really like the toasted French oak for a little tannin and grip to balance the sweetness even more.”

Refrigerate and drink cold. Store in refrigerator after opening.

Some say that Mistelle becomes whole when paired with food. A delicious accompaniment with cheese, pâté or rich charcuterie. Many swear to it as the perfect complement to fresh, briny oysters. 

It is commonly paired with rich umami forward, even spicy dishes. And a perfect accompaniment to dessert, and ripe melon and other fruit. 

Fresh grapey flavors meet oxidative spice of toasted wood.


PROOF: 34 proof. 17% Alcohol By Volume. 750ml

TASTING NOTES: Subtly sweet, fruit-forward, clean and very quaffable. Natural, juicy, with layered acidity to balance the sweetness so as not to be cloying. 


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