Northern Soul Apple Brady Finished in Hard Cider Casks
  • Proof: 108

Northern Soul Apple Brady Finished in Hard Cider Casks

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Finished In Michigan Hard Cider Casks.

Is it possible to truly capture the heart of Michigan in a bottle? Is it possible to distill Aretha, Iggy, Meg & Jack and the swagger of Eminem? How to encapsulate Sixto Rodriguez being lost, then found? The thrum of the Motor City, the hum of Motown, skinny dipping in the lakes in summer, and sand dunes around Lake Michigan?  That the U.P. is way UP North?

We can’t claim that. But we would like to pay homage. We pay homage the source of our apples and the font of our apple brandy and the Northern soul of our American Apple Brandy.

Northern Soul is American Apple Brandy whose heart is in the Mitten. Fermented Michigan apple wine from fresh-pressed Michigan apple juice, then distilled in Vendome copper pot-stills in Butchertown, Louisville, Kentucky and matured in Kentucky Bourbon barrels before being finished in Michigan’s own Vander Mill hard apple cider casks.

Crushed, smashed apple on the nose, red bruised apple skins, a little brown sugar and baked cinnamon.  Apple from the tip of your tongue to the back of your throat. Very soft, and no distractions to the clarity of the apple tonality. There’s a slight
phantom effervescence, dried fruit, and a sexy, silky smooth finish.

You will drink this all year long, as long as it lasts.

Natural color and natural flavor. Some natural sediment or suspension may be apparent, particularly at colder temperatures.

Enjoy on the beach, enjoy around a fire. Enjoy with friends and family. Beautiful on the rocks, stunning in a cocktail.

PROOF: 108 proof. 54% Alcohol By Volume. 750ml


Allow at least 1 hour before you arrive to allow us time to build your order. For your convenience, we will have a drive-up pickup station in front of the distillery at 1121 East Washington Street Butchertown 40206. Honk your horn or call (502) 561-0267 and select option 1 from the menu upon arrival. Due to Kentucky state law, bottle purchases are limited to six per person per day.

Please see pick up times below:
Monday – Friday 11:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Saturday 11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Order number and valid ID must be presented upon pick up.

PLEASE NOTE due to limited availability, bottle pre-orders will be held no longer than 7 business days. If your bottle is not picked up within this time period, you will be refunded your order amount minus $10 per bottle purchase to accommodate for stock adjustment and USBG donations.

A portion of the proceeds from each bottle will be donated to the United States Bartenders’ Guild.

Additional support to the USBG can be added to your order here.

  • Proof: 108

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