1495 Guelders Gin
  • Proof: 94

1495 Guelders Gin

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Hand-crafted antique style of gin based on the personal family recipe, documented in 1495, of a wealthy merchant from the Duchy of Guelders region in Germany. An unexplored style of gin. Grape wine, combined with a common 15’th Century Hamburg style beer is distilled with sage, cloves, nutmeg, cardamom, cinnamon, galangal, ginger, grains of paradise & juniper berries.

No Neutral Spirits. Non-Chill Filtered No Added Flavors or Colors Post Distillation.

Double-Distilled. Non-chill filtered to maximize the retention & concentration of botanical flavors to allow them to shine with a layered complexity.

A rich, spicy, very full-bodied fruity gin. an unusual malt nose. culinary spice complexity. Very smooth, tip of your tongue through to the back of your throat richness and viscosity. Juniper, clove, warm spices backbone. unique spice-forward style. May develop a faint haze or suspension at colder temperatures.

There is no road-map. Explore and invent to your hearts content. Rocks, G&T, martini, an amazing cocktail, a boiler maker…. We hope you love it. There’s tremendous joy in this bottle.

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PROOF: 94 proof. 47% Alcohol By Volume.



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  • Proof: 94

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