Absinthe Superior Citrus
  • Proof: 130

Absinthe Superior Citrus

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130 PROOF | 65% ABV | 750 ML

Double Distilled. Non-Chill Filtered. No added sugar, flavors, colorants or synthetic chemicals.

Copper pot-distilled in American stills handcrafted and hammered in Louisville, Kentucky, USA.

An original handcrafted distillation of classic absinthe botanicals – artemisia absinthium, anis, fennel, hyssop, etc., accented with select aromatics, including vapor distilled citrus peels.

Small batch double distillation of superior, highly aromatic Colombard wine selected for exceptional quality.

Distilled just twice, with a batch proof ceiling of 135° retaining concentrated herbal flavor compounds with layered citrus forward aroma for a novel interpretation of absinthe.

Non-chill filtered for an authentic uncorrupted natural flavor. some cloudiness will be apparent at colder temperatures. beautiful natural, translucent, milky louche.

Exotically tropical, with a harmonious layering of signature herbaceous absinthe notes; grande wormwood, sweet fennel and licorice. punctuated by a definitive warm citrus bouquet. smooth, lingering finish

We do not believe in consumption rules. please enjoy on the rocks, in imaginative cocktails or be seduced by the traditional absinthe serving ritual.


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  • Proof: 130

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