Cr&ftwerk Phoenix
  • Proof: 128

Cr&ftwerk Phoenix

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PROOF: 109 Proof. 54.5% Alcohol By Volume.

The Cr&ftwerk Phoenix is one of the more unique projects to come out of Copper & Kings. By firing the Sierra Nevada Chocolate Cherry Stout barrels into the toast and char of a fresh barrel, the old is made new. A new spirit rises from the ashes. This brandy develops an unusually deep, semi-sweet and smokey chocolate note that beautifully rounds out the bright fruit of the spirit. This is a complex brandy meant to be sipped and savored either neat or on the rocks. Imagination in the glass.

Grape Brandy (Chenin Blanc, French Colombard, Muscat Alexander)
6 years 2 months old
First 3 years 3 months were spent in a Kentucky Bourbon Barrel
The last 2 years 11 months were spent in a 60-gallon NAO barrel that was toasted and charred using Sierra Nevada Chocolate Cherry Stout craft beer barrels



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  • Proof: 128

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